Fun Activities you can perform with your pet


Being a dog owner comes with a great responsibility to keep your pet dog in good health by providing them a lifestyle that includes enough mental stimulation, physical exercise, and social interaction, whether with other dogs in parks or just humans in any other public place, that is why is it recommended to at least walk your dog two times a day and not in a shortly matter, but instead, it should be long enough to allow them to unload all the accumulated energy in a place that is big enough to run and perform their infamous zoomies, but sometimes it can feel ceaseless to walk your dog due to how repetitive this task can be.
That is why including a variety of physical activities where you can have as much fun as your dog, into your daily routine is the key to breaking out of the repetitive circle.

For instance, instead of walking your dog, you can boost up this activity by lacing up your shoes, leashing up your dog and go for a run; this will allow your dogs to express all their energy and loosen up and relax by the end of the day, and as for you, hitting your stride will eventually release
endorphins in your body and make you feel instantly better, as well as help you get in shape of course. Most breeds find it easy to keep up with a running human being because of their muscular and physiological privilege. However, if you are an owner of small sized breed, such as French Bulldogs, chihuahuas, or dachshund dogs, it might not be a great idea to accompany them into your joggings since they will mostly be unable to keep up.

If you want to take it up a notch, especially if you live in a place where the weather allows you, swimming with your dog can be an enjoyable experience, but you must take into consideration that even if swimming is printed in your dog’s Genes, they will still require a period of learning
to make sure they’re comfortable with water, swimming with your dog will be ideal if done in a natural water body such as a lake or a beach, since dog’s swimming pools can cause stress to your furry friend and might even be a source of contamination to both of you, and of course it would be best if you never forgot to put on the proper life jacket for your dog to avoid any unpleasant accidents.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to do this activity, it will allow you to perform doggy paddles with who it’s being named after personally; unfortunately, this activity does not suit all breeds, flat-nosed breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boxers, might find it rather laborious instead of fun.

For that reason, let’s stay on the ground and find something that fits all doggies. Dogs are mostly known for their obsession with fetching, a way by which you can merge this obsession with human activity is pretending to play a softball match with your dog, where you get to play the you and the pitcher’s dog, in this case, will be the catcher; you will be surprised at how many balls your dog will catch, they will be no strikes in this game, obviously, but it will still be fun to watch your dog runs like a lunatic towards the ball; this activity is preferably performed in a large field to allow your dog to become the sonic ball of fur he truly is without facing any obstacles.

This last activity is as unique as the dogs it concerns; if you have a senior dog, they might not be able to perform intense physical activities, but this does not mean we should neglect instead, we should tailor training that fits their aptitude, and yoga is the perfect alternative for them, it is a posture-based physical fitness where you can perform postures They are easy for your dog to imitate, and hold them for a few seconds; indeed, it is not the
most extraordinary physical stimulus, but along with short daily walks, yoga can be a great way to spend quality time with your beloved senior and stress relief for you; this activity is also suitable for special needs dogs.

Finally, we cannot fail to recommend one of the best exercises for you and your dog to maintain good physical shape: walking. Having a dog in the family is the perfect excuse to force yourself to leave the house and take long walks. Your furry friend appreciates those moments together to satisfy his physical needs, stretch his legs, strengthen his body, and socialize with other animals and people. It is something you can also benefit from since going out to the park with your pet encourages you to have lively conversations with other dog owners.