Best Travel Destinations for Introverts


Bled, Slovenia :

Bled, hidden in the mountains, was first mentioned in 1004 years. This city was loved by the emperor of the Roman saint empire. He gave it to the Cardinal of Briksen as a great honor.

The small Island in the middle of the Bled lake is home to the church of Bled. The city is home to 5000 people. It is also one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Slovenia.

Manarola, Italy :

Manarola — is a small fishing town in the North of Italy. A rainbow of colorful houses can be found on the mountain that hangs over the Ligurian Sea. Manarola is one of the oldest cities in the area. The city church was built in 1338 years. This is the most excellent spot to vacation.

Bibery, Great Britain :

Bribery is often called the most impressive town in England. It was first mentioned in 1086. This town has not changed much since then. Most buildings look the same today as they did in the past. The little river has not seen much change. This is the place to visit if you have the chance.

Ancy, France :

Ancy is probably more beautiful than the French Alps surrounding it. The town was built around the castle of the XIV Century. It is divided by small rivers and channels leading to Ancy’s stunning blue lake. Tourists will find everything they need in the town: caf├ęs, restos, hostels, and hotels.

Goreme, Turkey (underground city) :

Goreme — A museum under the heavens now. Goreme was a prominent Christian center from the VI century to the end of the IX century. There were more than 400 churches in the area. Saint Paul believed that this town was the best for him to study.

Colmar, France :

Colmar is one most beautiful cities of Elzas. You will find beautiful medieval streets and bridges, charming houses, and old-fashioned stone buildings. Colmar is also the capital of the winery. The famous Route du Vin — France’s wine route — begins here. The best vacation destination for wine lovers.

Gasadalur, Farers Islands :

The mysterious chain of Farers Islands, located in the Norths of Scotland, isn’t very well-known to most tourists. These islands have not been easily accessible for many years. Only one small ladder was built during the British occupation of the Island in the second world war. Two mountains at 2300 feet high protect the residents of this beautiful place from storms. It is a top vacation spot.

Reine, Norway :

Reine is a village of fishermen with stunning arctic landscapes. It has an unforgettable charm. The population is mainly fishers, with around 330 people. Reine is Norway’s most beautiful village. It is not considered a tourist spot, so it is a great place for introverts looking to escape big cities hustle and bustle.

Hidden settle in Himalaya, Tibet :

This hidden Himalayan village was built to supply food for many Tibetan monasteries. It is possible to reach it by horseback or foot. This trip will help you to find inner wisdom and patience.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany :

Garmisch-Partenkirchen — cute little city located 3,000 meters at the pick of the highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze. It was a pair of small villages. Romans founded one, the other by Teutonic orders. This beautiful city was only connected in 1936, just before the Olympics. Its stunning views will give you the relaxation many people seek when they vacation.