1. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines soars over its competitors regarding high altitude and luxury travel to Dubai or over 140 other places. Experience the ultimate luxury on your long-haul journey with fully adjustable seats, complimentary Champagne, and gourmet food items and canapes. Don’t settle for the plastic food tray. The five-course meals and dinners are with bone-chic tables with exquisite linen. After dinner, go to the lounge on board to enjoy a drink and chat with fellow passengers. But, if you find yourself too distracted by one of the more than 2,000 channels of entertainment that are on your TV’s widescreen, you can take a beverage from the mini bar that is built-in to your seat.

2. Etihad Airways

The airline that is the national carrier in Abu Dhabi boasts all of the amenities you could expect to find in the flagship carrier for the oil-rich Emirates. The seating configuration of 1-2-1 that is found on all of the airline’s wide-bodied planes offers the ability to walk straight through aisles to each passenger. The Etihad Business Studios offer special mattresses with adjustable mood lighting and 18-inch touch-screen televisions to ensure complete security and privacy. Consult the Food and Beverage Manager for dinner choices and wine pairing suggestions to eat dinner. The luxurious treatment doesn’t stop once the wheels are on the road. On arrival, Business Class guests enjoy the added convenience of a complimentary limousine service, which includes the personal chauffeur.

3. Korean Air

Take a trip on Prestige Business Class with Korean Air, and you’ll be guaranteed to have an unforgettable flying experience. You will receive excellent service on the ground with Advanced seating options, KAL lounge access, special check-in counters that offer priority boarding, and access to saunas and showers in the Grand Hyatt Incheon Hotel at no cost. When you arrive at the airport, you can relax inside Your Prestige Suite, a private area on board equipped with a complete, adjustable, flat chair. The in-seat power supply allows you to charge your tech equipment quickly and directly access the aisle. Other benefits while flying include services for waking up, a luxury amenities kit with mood lighting, and a gourmet dining menu, paired with premium wines. Passengers who fly First Class or Prestige Class aboard A380 aircraft can take advantage of the elegant Celestial Bar and socialize with fellow passengers.

4.Oman Air

Oman Air was the first airline to offer its passengers mobile phones and Wi-Fi Internet access. However, this airline was included on our list due to the modern business class seats within the Oman Airbus A330. The 77.5-inch wide, lie-flat seats provide electronically controlled backrests, adjustable seat depths, leg rests, and the seating layout of 1-2-1 in the cabin offers each passenger access to the aisle. For entertainment on board, 17-inch monitors for entertainment on each seat’s front wall will work with all personal devices, allowing passengers to have access to their movies on their seat screens!

5.Qantas Airways

In the film by Barry Levinson in 1988, “Rain Man,” Dustin Hoffman’s character is the only one to fly Qantas — and with legitimate reasons. The Australian airline is regularly ranked as one of the most secure airlines, but as the simple but sassy Rain Man notes that it’s also among the most welcoming to flyers. It has a lounge in the onboard area and an exquisite menu for dinner designed in collaboration with Rockpool, Australia’s top-rated restaurant chain; Qantas International Business Class brings our most loved on-land luxury (literally) to new levels. After dinner, relax to sleep with your entertainment on-demand system and a relaxing massage with your adjustable folding “sky.”

6.Singapore Airlines

Begin your Singapore holiday by flying on the small Asian city-state’s lux national airline. The passengers on board are treated to an exciting selection of snacks and meals, Champagne Taittinger Prelude “Grands Crus,” and coffee drinks like cappuccino and espresso. With a sophisticated seasonal menu created by an international team of chefs, including Suzanne Goin, Singapore Airlines meals are one of the tops in the skies, offering delicious meals that provide passengers with an unforgettable experience during their flight.

7.Swiss International Air Lines

Old World hospitality is paired with modern design and technology aboard Swiss International Air Lines. Every business class seat can also be used as a large office with an outlet for power, a USB port, adjustable lighting, and an LCD monitor that displays smartphone and tablet content. When you’re ready to rest, your chair can fold flat to form a 78-inch bed that can be adjusted in the level of firmness and massage functions. Flights depart from Switzerland allow travelers to taste the country’s diverse culinary traditions, including food options that rotate to highlight the regional cuisines of various regions. No matter the airport you travel from, you can enjoy free Swiss chocolates to help make a trip to be a bit more relaxing.

8.Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Group founder/multibillionaire mastermind Sir Richard Branson is intent on changing how we view luxury travel –. If Virgin Atlantic’s posh Upper-Class cabin indicates what he has in mind, we say, bring it on! The Upper-Class cabin offers first-class amenities at an affordable price. The appropriately named Upper Class provides guests an exclusive suite featuring a spacious center table, a multi-directional 10.4-inch TV, and an ottoman/guest chair. Are you looking to stretch your legs? Go to the bar onboard to enjoy an alcoholic drink while chatting with your colleagues and friends.

9.Kiwi air

New Zealand may be one of the most isolated geographical nations on earth; However, this Kiwi airline will make you feel at home thanks to its comfortable 22-inch leather chairs, premium streaming audio and video on demand, and convenient self-service refreshments areas. A kit of amenities is provided to passengers with basic travel necessities like eye cream lipstick and lip balm as well as eye shades, socks with a toothbrush kit, pen, and earplugs. After dinner, centered around freshly-picked New Zealand produce and regional tastes, recline your chair until it is in a flat position, don your free noise cancellation headphones and enjoy a well-deserved sleep before heading off on your adventure down Under!

10.Air Canada

As if traveling in Business Class with Air Canada could not improve, Air Canada recently added the upgraded Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft to its fleet of international aviation. The new upgrades include the Executive Pod for International Business Class flights that lie flat. International Business Class service also offers complimentary kits filled with spa-quality products. On the plane, you can enjoy mood lighting aligned with time zones to reduce jet fatigue. Every Business Class passenger can access the Maple Leaf Lounge situated at significant airports throughout Canada and in select cities around the world which offer top-of-the-line service. The onboard amenities include touch-screen televisions with personal touch screens, packed with hours of entertainment and menus with gourmet meals and top spirits and wines.