Functional stomach problems are particularly a problem for young women.


The stomach issues that cause problems with function are particularly problematic for young women.

What kind of food would you prepare this morning? If Krista Eriksson of Lahti was confronted with this type of daily reflection, it was always a bit overwhelming and appeared to her to be a lavish issue. Krista’s diet is confined and, in addition to the following foods, are found in the store, including rye bread, fruit juices, dairy items, cabbage, peas, sweets, sugary snacks, and xylitol-based products, and coffee. He loves tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers as vegetables. Krista is a fan of seasoning her food by adding salt because it’s all that works for her stomach.

Krista, 28, suffers from IBS, i.e., irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is one stomach-related condition. The range of functional stomach disorders is vast, and their symptoms range from constipation and constipation that is painful to the abdomen to flatulence and watery stools.

Krista’s IBS is at its extreme of its severity. In the worst cases, Krista’s IBS hampered her capability to be a personal trainer.

Like a bowel, total stones

The symptoms of a functional stomach can develop slowly, and many sufferers struggle with symptoms for an extended period before seeing a doctor. The situation was different for Krista. He can divide his life in the same way as making cuts with knives was an ideal time and a period in which the stomach, after its activities, took on the primary role in life.

It occurred in the spring of 2019.

Krista fell ill with stomach bugs and later severe flu. He was treated with a powerful three-day course of antibiotics to treat his illness, and things haven’t gone as it has since.
I’ve taken antibiotics in the past; however, never as potent drugs. After these, it was like the stomach bug was still in place, but there was no vomiting.

Krista’s stomach would ache constantly. It was swelling, convulsing, and filled with air. Flatulence and bloating were some of the worst symptoms for Krista, who works in customer services. Krista also vomited in the bathroom, and everything she ate was diarrhea. However certain days, nothing happened through the stomach except constipation. As if the bowels were filled with stones.

I felt exhausted, as the everyday pain required lots of energy. Krista was always active in her daily life and worked out at the gym several times weekly. The realization that you could not do the same thing at the same speed as you did before brought the spirits down. A three-hour workout can last for an hour or more due to lengthy flute breaks needed to be taken because of stomach pain.

Krista tried to rectify the problem using the bacteria lactic acid. She believed that stomach issues are one of the adverse effects of more potent antibiotics – they kill the pathogen and the body’s good bacteria.

Then Krista was forced to cancel meetings with clients due to stomach cramps. She realized that all was not the way it should be.

The most helpful thing was lying on the couch twice. It was as if there was a bend in the swamp into an angle, Krista describes.

The diagnosis was troubling.

Krista went to the local doctor, who advised her to look for her symptoms. However, when Krista could not sit up straight when driving because of cramps, she visited the doctor once more. The stool sample was taken, and blood samples were taken, which confirmed, among other things, celiac disease. After the study, the source of the symptoms was discovered to be a functional stomach issue or, more specifically, the condition known as irritable bowel syndrome.

Krista’s symptoms did not improve following the diagnosis; on the contrary.

-Anxious. I thought something was wrong when I was so miserable every day. Doctors have said that this is the reason for this issue.

Krista was already aware before visiting the doctor that altering her diet might increase the strength of her stomach. He was following the FODMAP diet that has been proven to be effective for IBS patients. It is a diet in which challenging to absorb carbohydrates like wheat and Rye are taken from the diet.

The issue, in this case, was Krista; it was not just the FODMAP diet that didn’t help because it wasn’t practical. Although Krista eliminated more food items from her intake, she experienced cramps daily, particularly in the mornings. Krista was forced to use frequent bathroom breaks because her stomach was loose. The subject of conversation between friends and family members was always Krista’s stomach and the discomfort it caused.

I’m afraid there’s no good thing in the world. I’m afraid to take a step or even go out because my stomach will hurt. This is the message Krista recorded in her notes on her smartphone in the fall of 2019. Krista was depressed because she believed that nobody was able to assist her.

I wish I’d received help from a conversational expert for my anxiety or strategies to make me feel more comfortable. I feel like I was the only one to deal with my anxiety and was forced to solve the issue on my own, Krista say.

Following the 3rd visit, Krista received a referral to a nutritionist. I was shocked, as Krista’s diet was already in good condition. The nutritionist printed details for Krista on the best type of diet to eat for the IBS patient. That is the same information Krista had discovered through Google herself.

Diet elimination and managing stress

Krista’s common-law partner was working as a nutritionist at the time. He advised Krista to try the most extreme diet she could, which was The elimination diet. It isn’t recommended to conduct such an experiment without consulting a specialist.

Through an eating plan that lasted for a few months, Krista could identify which food items trigger symptoms because Krista is an instructor by trade, has participated in fitness competitions, and knows how much carbohydrates and protein to consume during her workout routines.

In the initial two weeks following the regimen, Krista ate minced meat, rice, oil, and small portions of food five times daily. Each week, he added a food item gradually until the palette he chose would suit his stomach.

-While the diet was effective, I was irritated: how did I endure my stomach issues for so long? However, I also felt more relaxed as I didn’t have to worry about the function of my digestive system.

The dissipation of stress can also help the symptoms.

When I discovered that stress was the cause of my similar symptoms to IBS, I was able to manage it and let myself relax. It also reduced the amount of effort.
Since then, the symptoms have been at bay for the past year. There are still days of difficulty. However, they are significantly less.
There was the possibility of having four days with a positive outlook in one calendar month; today, there are four bad days.

Bring your food and drinks for a day trip to the village

Krista claims she made a mistake with her excitement a couple of days before the interview. Wanting rye bread, Krista determined to determine if her stomach was able to manage Maize.

-This was a poor idea.

It was a painful pain. It is good to realize that they last for several days long enough to allow the food that causes symptoms to leave the digestive tract

While the symptoms are under control, the issue impacts Krista’s daily life. He doesn’t venture out for meals due to difficulty finding healthy food choices in restaurants. It could be that it is as simple as an ingredient in a marinade or spice that causes stomach pain. Relaxing on a vacation that includes a full meal at a hotel is not in question since even during the holiday, Krista must be able to prepare her meals.

Krista has observed that her food restrictions have a more significant impact on people around her than they are for.
I’m happy to go to my mother’s home for a meal and bring my food there. However, others often feel guilty because they don’t have the time to make my meals for me.

Before the elimination diet, Krista was a stomach patient. Following the elimination diet, Krista is different regarding the issue: it’s now an issue. Sometimes Krista is nostalgic about the days before the time of antibiotics. He could have eaten whatever he liked. But, she’s not bitter, despite being aware that IBS is a chronic condition that Krista could live with for the rest of her existence.

I’ve adopted the view that my diet should be restricted if I want my stomach to feel healthy. In this way, my stomach feels relieved. It’s now possible to prevent stomach pain by knowing which food items trigger symptoms.

Kalle Hakala, a gastroenterologist specialist, says that stomach issues that cause problems with function typically begin at a young age. According to Hakala’s estimates, the study shows that five percent of the population of Finland suffers from stomach-related issues, which are twice as prevalent in women than in males. The reason for this is not known.

There isn’t one cure specific, specific to the cause of digestive disorders that cause stomach dysfunction. However, symptoms can be cured, and the remedies are individualized to every patient’s needs. The most important thing is to find the proper diet for your stomach